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Asus P5SD2-X + VS1GBKIT667D2


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I just bought an Asus P5SD2-X motherboard and a 1GB kit of Corsair Value Ram (2x512) DDR2-667 modules. The board claims it takes dual channel DDR2 667/533/400. The machine will not boot into any OS install CD I've tried (several Linux distros and one Windows XP disc). Normally, there are no BIOS errors, but if I enter setup and disable "quick boot" (which adds more tests to the POST) then I get "Memory R/W Error" ...it still lets me continue by pressing F1, but still fails to boot.


This behavior happens no matter which module(s) I'm using in what slots. I've tried using both modules in both acceptable dual-channel configurations, and I've tried each module by itself in each slot. I also tried manually setting the CAS to 5, and lowering the frequency (tried 533/400/333), with no luck.


Believing it to be unlikely that both modules in the kit were bad, I first called the vendor from which I bought the board. They gave me a run-around and suggested I contact Asus to make sure the memory was compatible with the board. Despite my anger that they would make such a claim, I called Asus. They refused to either confirm or deny the compatibility of these modules, and gave me an 800 number to Corsair. I called that number but eventually got a voicemail box. I left a message, but have not heard back. Admittedly my cell phone died last night late and hasn't been charged, so if they called this morning I wouldn't know.


However, I now find that searching for my motherboard on your website (after I got my old computer put back together and turned on) that my modules are listed as compatible.


So, I don't really know where to go from here. Do you think there's a reasonable chance that both those modules are bad? I don't have another DDR2 board to test them with, nor do I have any other DDR2 modules. What should I do?

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What you have posted would suggest some other problem, but I have no problem replacing your modules if you want to try that, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them or it. I would make sure that you have the latest bios and if you can call our tech support we might be able to help you get the system running.
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Well, first I'm calling around to see if I know anybody who has a box using DDR2 so I can test things. I'd hate to ship those out and have them test fine....just a waste of both of our time, and then I'd still have to hassle the board vendor. And I agree with you....I think the board is hosed.


But anyway, we'll see. If the memory tests bad, I'll certainly be back and get an RMA.



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