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Bad TwinX Stick - Need RMA

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Hello RAMguy,


My 2 sticks of TwinX 2048-3200c2pt ran flawlessly, 12+ hrs/day for 2 months since purchased, then failed suddenly. POST shows RAM failure, and when I do F1 to continue (to boot memtest), memtest "sees" only 960 MB of the 2 GB. I tried both sticks individually with Bios in Single-Channel mode and 1 runs OK (memtest showing 1 GB total), but other fails. So, I have 1 bad stick and need an RMA.


Machine is Athlon XP 2800 on Asus A7V880 mobo. This is my Server box, and I don't mess around with OC'ing. Its up running now on the 1 good stick.


Do you need both sticks returned on an RMA? If so, I'll have to run on a single 512 MB of old DDR 2700 I have.



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