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it looks like my module died


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Hi all,


I had been running a stable system for a year and a half or more, I don't know exactly.

Few days ago I shut down the computer and 3 hours later I booted again...but my kernel wouldn't load into my memory, problems with RAM.

I booted a livecd and did a memtest and yes... millions of errors.


I have also reset the BIOS to the default settings, blew any possible dust out of the slot, which couldn't gotten in there in the first place...haven't touched the motherboard for a year. But afterwards I still had few million memtest errors.


So I changed the module with a DDR module from a friend and put it in the same slot, and ran memtest: no errors, kernel loads perfect.


So I think the module is dead and that I should use the RMA on it?


it is a VS512MB400 module


thx in advance.



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