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configurator snafu


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i had used your configurator online tool to find out which memory to choose for upgrade. i was upgrading a dell optiplex gx 270 sff. the configurator gave me a choice of going for either a cmss512mb400 or cmss512mb333 among others. i chose the 400mhz type and clicked on the buy button. a page then came up with the option to buy from either newegg.com or zipzoomfly.com. i made a note of it and accessed both sites the next day.


although zipzoomfly had the cheaper price, i opted to order from newegg because they had another item i wanted that wasn't stocked by zipzoomfly. anyway i got the parts first week of may and my pc won't post after i installed the new sticks. i just get a series of beeps. it works fine when i re-install the old sticks. dell instructed me to install the sticks one at a time to see which stick is bad, but results came up the same. i just get beeps, no post.


finally after some research i found this link "http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com/ram_support_tips.aspx" on your website and everything fell into place. i think this is a critical piece of information a customer could have used beforehand on the configurator results page!


now i had to deal with a newegg cs who responds like a robot with curt responses even though i had talked to her pleasantly. she had curtly given me an rma# for refund purposes, and instructed me to post a new order for the correct set of memories and to take up the issue of the return freight charges with you as it was your configurator that had given the insufficient info (she had used the term false info) on buying the correct set of ram. i would think that they should have been the one to take this up with you as they are your authorized vendor.


what am i to do? i still want the correct set of ram. my boss wants me to recondition 3 more mothballed pc's for his office and i had planned to go with corsair if needed because of good experience with it, but i don't think i want to deal with newegg any longer.

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