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Possible bad Twinx1024-3200C2PT

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Computer Info




PSU: Thermaltake 400W

VIDEO: evga geforce 7800 GTX

HD 1(MASTER): Western Digital 120gig 7200RPM

HD 2(SLAVE): Seagate 200gig 7200RPM





I purchased this RAM less than 1 year ago from zipzoomfly.com ( which is an authorized dealer according to the corsair site ) and I believe one of the DIMMS have bit the dust. My computer randomly crashes and gives the notorious "video driver error" or "device error" and after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that the RAM is bad. I have tested every possible scenario for other symptoms besides RAM. I have tested the CPU temperature/video card drivers,speed,temperature/hard drive efficiency as well as power supply issues. My computer even crashed SEVERAL times during the WINDOWS XP Pro install which as I have read is a definate indication of faulty RAM.


Memtest86 3.2 Release


I tested my RAM with this test using 3 different scenarios

My mobo has 4 different RAM slots and if you are only using 1 DIMM you use slot B1 and if you are using 2 DIMMS ( matched pair ) you use A1 and B1 respectively.


1. Tested each stick seperatly in the B1 slot for 5 passes and I got 0 errors

2. Tested the 2 sticks in the A1 and B1 slot for 50 passes and I got 0 errors


now after doing this my computer STILL crashes with the same errors... odd thing is everything i have read has said the symptoms I am having is hardware related yet no other hardware seems to be faulty except the RAM.

I am just running the GENERIC bios settings for my CPU and RAM ( NO OVERCLOCKING WHATSOEVER ). I would like to get an RMA to get this problem straightened out



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Well the RAM worked 100% fine until about 6 months after use.... I do not have another system in which to test the RAM in but the PSU is connected using a 20 to 24 pin adapter since the PSU is 20 pin and the MOBO is 24 pin.. but that never made a difference until recently... Can the PSU be the culprit for device error BSOD message?
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Ok... I ran the same test w/ the memtest that you gave in the link and w/ the same 3 scenarios


1. 1 at a time ( in slot b1 ) produced 0 errors w/ 2 passes

2. both ( a1 and b1 ) no errors after 2 passes


CAS 3-3-3-8

w/ normal settings


so maybe it is my PSU afterall..








would either of these be sufficient and high end?

pref the cheaper ( Antec ) of the two... if not could you please suggest one?



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after replacing the PSU and clearing the CMOS my computer still randomly restarts with the stop errors... the only thing i could think of it being is the RAM at this point..


edit: ill watch it for a few days for a break in period for the PSU... the restarts are def not as frequent


update_1: I am still getting the same errors described in my original post :(


update_2: Decided to do a complete format and re-isntall windows.. cannot even isntall windows for all the irq_not_less_or_equal and random crashes.. tried to install and 2 different hard drives and the same thing happened on both of them.. :(

- Irq_not_less_or_equal error



all these errors i am getting all lead to RAM issues.. i would really like to get an RMA so I can get this problem resolved!

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