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Hey I need some help to I'm lost?

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I have the 3500LL PRO and the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe and a BFG 7900GTX OC 512DDR also AMD X2 4800+ and a pc power & cooling 510 deluxe power supply and an Audigy 2ZS card 2 dvdr drives 3 hard drives 1 floppy and 24 wide flat panel screen. I would like to run the 4800+ @ 2600mhz not the stock 2400mhz. I put the system at 250fsb and ran that for some time didn't change anything else and it worked but I found it to be funky sometimes so I would like to do it right.Could someone tell me all the settings I need for this setup of 2600mhz with out making mistakes thanks.
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FSB 217

CPU Multiplier 12x

Vdimm 2.8V

Memory timings 2-3-2-6 1T


will give your ram its rated speed and timings and your cpu will be running 2.6GHz.


If system is not stable, try increasing Vcore to 1.5V (will void warranty. Monitor temps to make sure they don't go over 55C on load to be on the safe side) Although your core should be able to achieve 2.6 at default vcore.


Good luck!

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