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No POST after shut-off


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I have kind of an odd problem after installing two 512 TwinX3200C2 modules in A7N8X motherboard, AMD 2400+...


I set the memory timings for 2-3-3-6 (and alternately 2.5-3-3-6) and the system runs fine. It will reboot or turn on as long as the components haven't cooled down. But every time I turn it off for the night, I have to pop the hood and press or tap the DIMMS in order to get it to start up again. The Dimms are latched in place and seem to seat (although one of them still moves slightly in the slot).


I haven't been able to shut the machine all the way down for any length of time since I installed this ram, because I'm not up to crawling under the desk before coffee. The machine runs well enough without random freezes or lockups, and the system does have 1 gig of memory available. Any ideas? Because I'm fresh out--I just don't know what else to try.

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although one of them still moves slightly in the slot
This seems odd as the memory DIMMs shouldn't move in the socket, at all (with 'normal' pressure of course). If you want to try something : Set your memory at 2.5-3-3-10 or 2.5-3-3-11 and see if it will boot up again after being shut off. It just might work;): .
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It does seem odd that it wobbles. You're familiar with this mobo ... both of the Dimms were loose to begin with, but I did manage to get one of the sticks to seat tightly in the third (previously unused) slot. But the other still moves, and there is nowhere else to put it, not and have the machine boot. I tried removing the heat spreader, thinking that it was physically preventing seating, but that had no effect.


I will try the alternate timings and let you know. But I may leave it at 2T because the CPU runs faster and about 5 degrees cooler at that setting (go figure).

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Sigh. No, and no ... although the POST beep is faster/more normal at those settings, once I do get it started up. It seemed to take too long at 6.


On another note, the DIMM that had seated firmly as it should is now a little wobbly. I wonder if the RAM is heating up and damaging the sockets? You wouldn't think so... the spreaders are always cool to the touch. I really do not want to replace this mobo, nor do I want to give up my gig of memory to go back to 512--this system has been a sweet-running machine (but the question is, how much longer?).:[pouts: :[pouts:

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Sorry it took me a day or two to respond/having issues with car repair...


Using stock/normal settings in Bios right now on a standard A7N8X PCB 1.4 running bios version 1007--have not updated to 1009 because ASUS indicates it is 'beta'.

2400+ Thorobred ... CPU Freq 133; multiple 'Auto'; Performance=Optimal.


Ram timings User Define:






2.7 voltage


AGP aperture 256


The system is very stable, even at Aggressive performance settings ... once it starts up. At 2T, the CPU runs a couple degrees cooler; and the mobo temperature stays consistent 87 deg. Neither component seems to be overheating.


Any help or thoughts you can give me will be appreciated.

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Okay, I set ram timing back to SPD, where it seems most happy, and ram Memtest. It consistently fails tests 5 and 6; although I can't find anything to really interpret those results.


AthlonXP (0.13) 2005 mhz

L1 - 128 12298 mb/s

L2 -256 3915 mb/s

Memory - 1024m 991 mb/s

Chipset nVidia nForce2 SPP/FSB: 133 mhz

Settings RAM: 200 mhz (DDR401)/CAS 2.5-3-3-6 Dual Channel 128 bits



Test 5 Bad 00008000

failing addr 000efe3b80 239.1 mb

failing addr 0000ffe3b60 255.1 mb


Test 6 Bad ff7ffff

failing addr 0000efe33a0 239.1 mb

good ff7fffff bad ff7f7ff


The addresses are always the same, regardless of setting; everything that is not being used/can be disabled on the mobo has been, such as legacy support, FDC, etc.


I know it's probably getting time to upgrade both mobo and processor, but this machine does/has done everything I asked it to or wanted it to. Except shut down.:confused: If it's an incompatibility with this very early version of the mobo or the Thorobred chip, I can live with it for a while longer. But I do intend to migrate this RAM to an upgrade (probably the A8N5X) at some point, and want to be sure it isn't bad.

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Completely incorrect.


Aces to Asus for their products--but not for the skimpy beta-version manual that came with this board...


One memory stick had errors in tests 5 and 7, the other had no errors at all.

I shifted them to the suspect slot on the mobo and got the same exact results, and with the no-errors Dimm in any slot, the machine will post even after it's cold.


Looks like I might have a bad memory stick?

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  • 2 weeks later...

All is right with the world (as far as RAM goes, that is)!


I got the replacement RAM yesterday, and it works beautifully--thank you so very much for all your help and for standing behind your products/responding so quickly! It's nice to be back to DDR400 and dual-channel. Even nicer to hit the power-on button in the morning and see a boot screen!


BTW, after I pulled the DIMMS out of my system and sent them off, I was surprised to find a pair of Corsair PC2100 modules lying around that my daughter had taken out of her system a year ago--she'd said they were giving her problems, that she thought one of them was bad. I put them in one at a time and Memtested them, and they ran through without a hitch at 2.5-3-3-6 ... so I was able to bring my machine back up in the interim. Surprisingly, the PC2100 didn't run unthinkably slow in comparison to PC3200 like I expected, so much better because I felt vindicated for 'never throwing anything away'.


Corsair service and support rocks (and your products ain't half bad, either:biggrin: ). Thank you again!

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Thanks for the offer on the PC2100; but so far I've had zero problems with them. They're now in another machine, getting a real workout; whatever the glitch, it hasn't repeated as yet. But if it does, at least now I know what to do.
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