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Compatability Twin1024 XMS 3500c2 with XMS 3200c2


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Long time Corsair user, first time on the forums. Basically I have three questions.


First, backstory. Ive had my setup for a little over two years now: Abit IC7-G (bios rev 25), Intel 3.0 HT, and at the time I bought the XMS 1024 set of CMX512-3500c2pt (not sure what version, might be 1.1 if I recall.) Been running fine at stock settings; since I use this for work as well as play stability has been more important than OC'ing. Anyway, I recently decided to upgrade to 2gig of RAM, but seeing as how the 3500's are no longer made I ordered a set of Twin1024 CMX512-3200c2pt from Zipzoomfly. I figured since they were close enough in speed and I never messed with the RAM timings in the bios that everything would work just fine. Well, unfortunately it did not. So I checked these forums, checked some settings, and double checked the manual to see if there was an issue. On a side note I discovered that I was never truly using dual channel mode since I had my 3500s in bank 1 & 2 and to work dual channel on that board they need to be in 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 (yes, I know stupid me but the 3500s worked fine before just werent in dual channel mode hehe.) So I arranged the 3500s in 1-3 and the 3200s in 2-4 and booted but got the lovely beep sound of a problem. To cut to the chase I installed each 3200 dimm separately and discovered the second one failed to boot even to the bios, just the continuous beeping; thus Im assuming its a bad stick.


Onto my questions:

1. Since this is a real recent purchase, 5/09/06 to be exact, am I better off RMAing these through Zipzoomfly or through you guys at Corsair for a replacement?


2. Provided I have two working 3200s will they even work together with the 3500s to give me 2gigs? After reading these forums I adjusted the bios settings from the default of 2.5v 3-3-3-8 to 2.7v 2-3-3-6 with the 3500s and everything booted fine and is seeming to run smoothly. So will the 3200s work with the 3500s with those settings in dual channel mode?


3. Am I right in assuming that I just helped my memory speed both with the switch to true dual channel and with the new bios settings of 2.7v 2-3-3-6?


Sorry for all the questions, first time messing/tweaking with RAM settings as I was always afraid of stability issues.


Thanks in advance!!

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I am sorry but You should not mix the modules, XMS3500C2 will only support Cas 2.5 or 2.0. They may not post at Cas 3.0. It would be best to replace what you have with one Tinnx2048-3200C2 set of modules with best performance.
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