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Bad module

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Dear Memguy.

I am posting in order to get a RMA number.

The memory is CMSS1GBR72-400, it is generating errors on my Tyan S2882G-D motherboard.

The board is on the supported board list.

I bought 4 1G modules in Jan.

The memories are giving me on average 1 correctable ECC error per day and 1 uncorrectable ECC error per week and hence killed my jobs and crashed my computer numerous times due to uncorrectable ECC error.

MCE log reports the error alwayse happen at the same address.

Thus, I start pulling out memories one by one. Finally I identified the module that is giving me error.

I want to have this module replaced.

BTW: I already updated to the most recent bios and tried various bios settings and tried running this module in different memory slots. Thus, I am sure the module is faulty.

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