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Corrupt file errors? Please help


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Hi - i could be way in the wrong place here, but im coming up empty looking elsewhere. I recently bought a 2GB SD card and successfully loaded it up (it seemed) with some files. I tried to play them in the slot on my new audi A3, which tells me the files are corrupt.


Is it possible that the car drive cant handle the card of this size?

Is it possible the card has a problem?

Is it more likely that my car reader has a problem?


Thanks for any help.



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Thats sick. I want a SD card reader built into my car. That or a USB port. You do have very valid concerns though.


1) In order to read the 2GB and larger SD card the reader would have to support FAT32 file format. Since the car is brand new, it should have support for this already.

2) It is always a possibility that the card has a problem, you should try it back on the host device that you originally used to put files on it.

3) If you are able to take the same card and use it with another device with no issues, both before and after you try to use in in the car, then it points to a compatiblity issue between the reader and the SD card.

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