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<HELP!>Ram Activity showing 3 out of 4, Corsair 3200XL LED 1 gb 2x 512mb

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Kindly assist with some info if my rams are faulty. I recently acquired a set of XMS 1Gb 3200XL LED programable kit, however when i boot them up the activity starts with 4 rows of activity lighted up however when the system starts for about 5 secs later one of the activity goes off n in total i m see 3 rows of activity light instead of the 4 rows of activity that i m suppose to see. have swapped them around with the other slots still the same. In the system it still shows a total of 1GB


Ran Memtest for couple of hours with no errors reported


These rams are new and they are only 10 minutes old as im typing they are not overclocked

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hi ram guy thanks for your reply,

currently my system is running memtest. Whilst im wondering, memtest only test for errors on the rams itself n data integrity?? i think problems my rams are facing is that one of the "data streams" is not working in that sense? Hence, Ram activity on the display itself is not showing?


Am i right to say that if the test shows no errors what so ever i can conclude that my rams are prefectly fine?


As the 3200XL has 2 rows of ram activity, both data streams are all working fine and one row not showing activity is just a fautly display contact. By showing one row of activity the rams are not overstressed/strained by "pushing" over its task to the other??


im not too good with rams here, correct me if im wrong


Thanks again for your assistance


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ok Ram guy thanks for the reply,


i have successfully ran memtest with no errors, hence if u r saying that activity LED shows that the memory controller is accessing the rams. My Rams are running fine since they do not have any errors, i would conclude that no RMA would be required as the LEDs are just faulty?


i've done other test on my own with prime95, 3dmark05 & 06 all at the rated speed of 2-2-2-5 1T timings @ DDR 400, no BSOD etc...


Many Thanks again,

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hi Ram guy,


Thanks for yr reply again, im located outside of amercia, using the online RMA would be feasible if im within/near america, however since im pretty far frm these countries looks like i would have to go thru my retailer.


i understand that by sending them back to US would be fine, unless i have a phone no to call back n ensure that my Rams have arrived safely i would do so. i know it sounds silly but im located in the southern part of this globe, approx 20hrs by flight! :cool:


if u guys do have customers mailing rams to u outside of US, u guys are gonna pay lots for the return frieght/shipping :roll:


Thanks again,

u've been a great help

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Please try your reseller and if they will not help you, then please contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you. No matter where you are on this planet, as long as UPS will deliver there.
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