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I've a few questions re:HydroCool 200ex


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I recently ordered a Copper/Lucite TDX Block from DangerDen. Well, because I was in a hurry (+ lack of sleep with a surplus of stress) I broke the cardinal rule: "Measure Twice, Order Once." I ordered it with 1/2" OD High-Flow Chrome Fittings! Of course, when I got it, all the horrors of that day had passed and I was able to think clearly again - allowing me to focus on what a lame, inexcusable mistake I had made.


I contacted DangerDen, hoping to just change out the fittings, but they thought it best that I send it back and they would put a new top on it. I, however, really didn't want to send it back; wait for the return, etc..

So, I began my quest for either 3/8" OD or 1/4" OD Chrome Fittings - with NPT 9/16" being a MUST!


Couldn't find a thing. I don't do the internet well at all, so I had a heck of a time searching in the first place. I started to think of alternates, which landed me at USP Corp. This is one killer company, BTW. Quick shipping, extremely helpful and very nice people. Anyway, I chose the 1/2" OD to 1/4" OD Neoprene reducers, along with 10' of 1/2" ID hose. After the cost of the TDX Block, I was very limited as to what I could spend on any further accessories (plus shipping!) and all of the clear "tubing" they had was pretty expensive.


Okay, now it's in and working. However, since the TDX doesn't come with a thermistor epoxied to it, I had to use one from a 5 1/4" bay-mounted thermal monitor/fan controller, that I had laying around. I managed to slide it in to the area along the side - opposite the CPU lever - where the block meets the CPU. After installing the water block, of course.


I understand that temp display is calibrated with the HydroCool's block-and-thermistor combo. But, since it's the CPU's core temperature that is really in question, I want the HC to display as close to this figure as I can get it. Now, rather than a difference of over 15 degrees, between what the BIOS reports and what the HC displays - I'm within 2-3 degrees. Idle is 31.5 - 32.0 Cent. Load is 37.0 to 39.5 Cent. (Ambient, currently gets up to 29.0 degrees Cent in here, and it will get worse in the coming months!)


Alright, so here's my questions: Anyone know where I might find Chrome fittings that I could swap-out the "big-block" 1/2" High Flow monsters that came with the block? USP didn't really have what I needed. It's critical that they have to have the 9/16" thread. In it's current state, as you might imagine, it looks pretty "Rube Goldberg".


Finally, I'm concerned about the temps of the HC unit itself. In it's stock config, it almost never went past 27 C. On the rare occasion it did (NFS: Most Wanted, 1600x1200x32 everything max, for example) it topped at 28 C! At this point the exhausted air, across the rad, was very hot when you held a hand in front of it. But, again, this was rare. As soon as the displayed-temp went below 27.5 C, the air across the rad was once again cold! No indication of heat whatsoever. Now, it's always hot. Using turbo-cool, sometimes helps to lower the display temp, but never more than a half-a-degree. The hot exhausted air is, of course, more pronounced.


I've had this unit for some time now, and had to replace a male quick-connect fitting that broke when I moved. The closest I could find - at the Home Depot - was from a refigerator icemaker-filter! Works great, but now the hose for that run, is about half the length of the other one. Is it important that they be the same length?


I hope you'll forgive this long-winded first post. Many thanks, for reading this far!

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That was a good read. :D: It always helps to post a long informative post than a single sentence to get help. It removes questions.


As for your first question of getting 3/8" fittings for the Danger Den TDX, check out FrozenCPU's link here: http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-tub-82.html


As for getting quick-connect fittings for the HC, try http://www.usplastics.com . I've posted the links to the exact replacements here in the forums. Check out this link here: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48821


However, if you're going with 3/8" tubing from the HC to the TDX that will be 3/8", then check this link out too: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23018


... and here too:



Hey! we play the same games too; NFSUG series of games.


Having the hot air coming out of the HX isn't bad at all. It proves that the HC is doing the job well. Some people, with even hotter chips, have the HC running near 35C~38C.





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Thanks a bunch, stev! When I checked FrozenCPU, a few weeks ago, I didn't see the fittings for Danger Den blocks. I'll need to make sure that the threads will match my block, which I'm sure they will be able to let me know. I also found the perfect quick-disconnect's in bulkhead flavor (barb on one end and female w/shutoff on the other, at USP. This way, instead of running the tube through the two holes next to the HC's slot card, I'll have the tube terminate at the barbs inside the case - then quick-disconnects on the other side.


Currently, I remove the hose from the back of the HC - which will drip a tiny bit of coolant on the top of my case. I usually put a towel between the two, but you never know. I hate getting that stuff on anything.


Again, I really appreciate your help! Oh, and NFS - the Underground series just kicked *****; But... When Most Wanted came out, I thought I was gonna go nuts! I mean, if you played Hot Pursuit & Hot Pursuit 2, they were great fun - but kind of cheesey in the police chatter dept. Most Wanted took it to such a realistic level, it was unbelievable! Add the insane graphics, and Holy Sh**!! I still play it every day. Can't wait for the next one!

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The secret Burger King run was fun :) NFS: MW definitely revived the game back to the old school version where when you ran from the cops, YOU RAN FROM THE COPS. AI was more basic then of course.


Can't wait till they bring back the options where you're the cop that needs to stop the driver :)

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Hmm. I've finished MW a couple of times, but I must have missed the Burger King run. NFS:MW, right? PC Version? What do I need to do?


We have only the PC version as well. For us, it plays better than our PS2 box. Besides, at a quick hit of the "Print-Scrn" button, we can grab screen dumps, crop them and then post in the gaming forums.

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