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Memory failure after 1 week


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Hi RamGuy,


I have a question about my pair of twinx memory module: CMX1024-3200C2 0615074-2.


I have used it for one week and the performance is excellent. I can go up to 240 with 166/200 divider at 2.74V on DFI SLI-DR expert and Ramtest and Prime stable.

Usually i maintain stock speed at 200 mHz 2-3-2-6 for general usage


However after 1 week of honey moon, i can't boot up my computer with error code showed ram error.


I tested each module in DIMM 1 and test the default SPD, it showed DDR 333 at 3-3-3-7. Both can pass Ram test with the speed of DDR 333


Switched back to DDR 400 3-3-3-8 it won't POST on individual test.


Tried 2T timming at DDR 400 with yellow ram slots in dual channel mode still no go.


The funniest thing is that when the pair of ram in single channel mode ie both yellow and orange slot. it pass the ram test at 3-3-3-8 at DDR 400.


P.S. Voltage all along maintain at 2.74V, tried to step up to 2.80V but no difference


Do u think it's a ram problem or motherboard problem?

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