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Nautilus 500 review @ Bit-Tech


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Well, the conclusions speak clearly of a great product! :biggrin:



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Do we like it?


Actually, we love it. We have to be perfectly frank: every watercooling kit that is bespoke and claims to be easy to build has usually left us somewhat cold, albeit not always in the literal sense. The Nautilus 500 seems to have hit every nail on the head - allow me to explain:


Performance: Outstanding. We tried to throw something very hot at the Nautilus and it gave us the impression that we were not even pushing it hard. It outperforms a kit made out of some of the best and well known parts on the market, and is upgradeable to even cool a couple of red hot GPUs in SLI as well as the northbridge chipset. All this without breaking the sound annoyance barrier. In fact Corsair claim that the Nautilus 500 can dissipate up to 500W of heat! We haven't tested this - we don't have the SLI waterblocks yet - but we are pretty certain Corsair wouldn't claim something the kit isn't capable of.


Looks: Stylish. The system is well built and well finished and exudes quality. When compared to the previous Corsair incarnation it is miles ahead. For a product to step over from the enthusiasts to the mainstream market, it needs to have visual appeal, that's exactly what the Nautilus 500 has.


Value: With a RRP from Corsair of just under £100 the Nautilus 500 is in the same league with the Alpahacool system we tested albeit much easier to build. That's really the issue here: there may be other kits out there from the likes of Asetek, Alphacool and the other big boys of watercooling at around the same price point but they are nowhere near as simple to assemble as the Nautilus 500, so a fair comparison is not easy. If the Nautilus performed poorly, we could continue with the stance that all-in-one kits will never perform as well as the custom build starter kits, but it doesn't - the Nautilus 500 is a great performer.


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The article can be found here:



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I just found out the price of the WaterChill by Asetek. It's $317EU or $406USD. :eek:


The performance is nearly the same as the Nautilus 500 selling for $117EU or $150USD.


That's a savings of $200EU or $256USD. :biggrin:


Corsair has a winner indeed!



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Yea...in some reviews I've read, usually the reviewer is blown away with how affective it is. -Cost vs Performance-


More reviews hopefully will come out with all the water blocks in place plus SLI. That could be interesting. :cool:

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