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I've got a bad Module I think

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My First post and I suspect most are like this!


I need some guidance here. I bought a pair of TwinX 1GB CL 2336 modules in February.


Now one of the modules has stopped working - If I take out the offending module and run on one of the 1GB sticks the machine boots up fine. Even if I try it in all sorts of combinations around the machine the result is the same.


What do you recommend please?



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Hi - yup sorry it is the TwinX pack.


I have an Asus 32-SLI motherboard and an opteron 170. I dont have the revision / part numbers to hand at present.


To be honest however I'm pretty sure the memory module is defective as I had a old pair of Corsair DDR400 Value RAM that I now have in the machine and they are working fine.


I've raised a RMA request to my reseller.

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