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I think I might have one bad module...

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Ok I am running the following...



Gigabyte KNS Ultra 939 MB

250 gig Sata HDD

160 gig IDE Hdd

BenQ dvd Burner

Lite on Cd Burner

2 Sticks Corsair CMX 1024 -3200c2 Memory(2 1gb sticks)

Windows SP 2 Pro

AMD Athlon 3000+ Xp 64 chip

Geforce 6600GT

Antec Truepower 450 watt PS


Ok so here is the deal. I got this ram from newegg about 2 months ago or so. I had some random BSOD here and there, but nothing major and I couldn't pinpoint the problem. It happened infrequently so it wasn't a huge pain.


Lately it has started to happen more often(5 - 10 times a day). So it became a big problem...


Here is what I have done so far...


Checked the CPU and fan placement. Both look good, fan is working fine, not overheating at all.


Checked my Power Supply, tested voltage...once again all looks good.


Swapped out my vid card, (since this was mostly happening during gameplay and heavy grapic editing etc...). Put a different card in...same result...BSOD


So I took out one of the modules, fired up a bootable cd of mem test. Error at test #7 no matter what Dimm slot it was in, ran 2 or 3 passes each time.


Took that module out, and put the other one back in, ran mem test...not one single error. Tried it in the other DIMM slots as well...ran through 3 passes each time with no error at all.


Put both sticks back in...and wham errors again. Took the bad stick out, no errors.


Did some gaming, and graphics...not one single BSOD with only the one stick of ram in there therefore having my system at 1gb instead of 2gb.


So I think it's safe to say that the one stick is bad at this point. Wondering where I should go from here on this to get it replaced. I purchased through Newegg...


Wasn't sure if Ram guy had to direct me from here or not.




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