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Help! VS1GSDS333 stopped working

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Hi, Ram Guy,


I bought "Corsair VS1GSDS333 1GB DDR333 PC2700 Value Select SO-DIMM Memory" from ZipZoomFly.com on Apr 02, 2006. It was working perfectly in my Dell 700m laptop as the extend memory.


However, it stopped working correctly today. After testing by Memtest-86 3.2 with the factory default BIOS setting in my 700m, I am pretty sure this memory is broken. Because


1) When I removed it from extend memory slot and only used Dell's original memory, no memory error was found by Memtest-86.


2) When I put it back to extend memory slot, Memtest-86 identified tons of errors.


I tried several times. No exception. Could you assign me a Ticket#/PostID# so that I could fill a RMA form online?


Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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Wired, Thanks for your suggestion.


I test the suspicious VS1GSDS333 memory module again in the first slot where Dell's memory was in with the latest Memtest86+ V1.65 bootable CD. The error results are same.


I also put another PC2700 sodimm module (PNY, borrow from a friend) in the extension slot with original Dell memory in the first slot. Memtest86+ passes all tests without any problem.


So I guess the VS1GSDS333 memory module is bad and the memory slot is OK.




Don't use memtest 3.2, REALLY REALLY OLD VERSION! Use Memtest86+. Also, remove the dell memory and test the VS in the slot the dell memory was in, so as to make sure it isn't a bad slot.
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