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A7N8X-E, where to set command rate?

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I've recently bought two sticks of value select VS1GB400C3 memory for my nForce 2 system. I'm very happy with my purchase and have been playing around with the settings a little. I've managed to overclock the sticks from their regular PC400 3-3-3-8 settings to 2.5-3-3-5 without altering the voltage or sacrificing stability.


One thing I'm not clear on is the term "command rate". I've been googling and searching forums but I can't quite make out what this does exactly. On my Asus A7N8X-E motherboard, there is no such setting in BIOS.


If someone would be kind enough to explain to me if I'm missing out on something fantastic because of this or what I can do to find out what the setting behind the curtains is on the board I'd certainly appreciate it.


Thanks a lot in advance =)

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I believe on the same screen as your memory latencies, there is also the command rate setting (I've got an A7N8X, but havn't been in the BIOS for awhile).


What it does is specify how many clock cycles the chipset has to complete a 'Chip Select' function... not a perfect definition, but basically it has to decide which rank of memory the address of interest is in.


This is a memory controller setting, not a memory module setting, but for DDR400 you'd want to try for 1T and not 2T.


I think that CPU-Z or Everest will report what command rate you are currently running.




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I've read up on the concept a bit and know what it does now. Also, I've managed to find out that the memory is being run at 2.5-3-3-5 CMD 2 when making a readout with Sisoft Sandra


Still, the BIOS doesn't offer a way to change the setting it seems, isn't that kind of odd?

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