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2GB Flash Voyager is slower than 1GB?!


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hi there,

my girlfriend "stole" my 512-Flash Voyager, so i need a new one. I just crawled around and found this:


Am I getting this right: The 1GB Stick reaches 13MB/s and the 2GB Stick only does up to 9? I am a bit confused about this.

Sorry for asking - i feel like the 999th guy asking that question but i did not find anything via forum search :-/




PS: If it depends on the system i need to know about Macs :)

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The read and write speeds of the Flash Voyager are directly related to the memory IC's and controller used. In this case the NAND flash used for the 2 and 4 GB Flash Voyager has slower write performance than those used for the 1gb, 512, and 256mb.
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