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cmx1024 pc3200c2pt, 4gb no boot at 2-3-3-6


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2 pairs purchased together.

I have them working at 2.5-3-3-6. CPU-Z confirmed.

memtest, prime and sandra say I'm fine at 2.5-3-3-6 but 2-3-3-6 no boot, 2T 200Mhz.

No OCing here. 3.56GB recognosed under ''System'', a little more (3.735GB) under ''Task Manager'', somwhere inbetween by 3rd party utilities.

XP Pro (SP1) with some additional fixes I needed in the way and tweaked to perform its best. Software and hardware all monitored and configured with special care. I have been talking to other people who use the same system but 2GB (2 sticks) same RAM and it works for them at 2-3-3-6. Didn't get the latest A8V deluxe BIOS update because there's trouble if something goes wrong and I can't afford that right now. Didn't read what they fixed either...will do.

No other problems.


I am using the 3GB switch but I have done all my tests with and without it.


Here's how the RAM settings look like in the BIOS:


MemclockMode: Limit

Memclock to CPU ratio: 2:1 (DDR400)

HardwareMemoryHole: Disabled

BankInterleaving: Enabled

BurstLenght: 4Beats

MCTTimingMode: Manual

CAS: 2.5


TRP: 3


TRC: 16


AsyncLat: Auto

ReadPreamble Settings: Auto

2TCommand: Enabled



I don't remember the rest but they must be all set to auto. I will have a look and post them if you think it's necessary. Dual channel is enabled of course, the sticks are placed where they should be. I have tried voltages (up to 2.8) and left it at 2.7.

I also tried several other combinations with AGP apertures/speeds/latencies (and PCI latencies) but no go. I also pulled out the HDDs and the 5 pci cards I have in there just in case there was not enough power but that didn't work either. I know these shouldn't effect this but...

Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards


PS: Found the time today and did some further testing on another system I have here, same mobo and AMD 64 3200 venice E6 (eembedded memory controller), AGP MX4000 T128 MSI, 1 Samsung sp pata an 1 Samsung sp sata, 2 Plextor CDRW, same PSU. Exactly same behaviour from RAM (2-3-3-6 no boot).

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Thank you for your input.


I couldn't get a straight answer on that one.

I had chosen the components carefully to avoid slow settings.

Tcl at 2T would be snapier but it's not a problem at 2.5T.

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Hi and thanks for your input.


I did run memtest, prime and sandra before I settled down to 2.5-3-3-6, (I mentioned that in my first post) but not at each set individually. I would have done so if it had given me an error but it didn't.

The applications run very smoothly even at very high system load. I am positive that there is no problem with these settings as I'm working on this setup for a couple of months now. No errors, freezes, BSODs. It's a dedicated audio machine this one, stripped down to the absolutely necessary (system/software-wise); I would have heard it if there were problems.


If you think that it's advisable to run additional tests on each set then I would gladly do it.



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