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Mem now only @ 333 MHZ???


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Ok heres my problem.

I have a Gigabyte GA-7VT600P-RZ mainboard. Its a socket A board with AGP and 3 ddr DIMM slots. Running a athlon xp3000+ on in.


Now i had purchased a Corsair VS1GB400C3 to reach 2 GB ram with my other 2 x VS512MB400 Corsairs.


I changed the timings to 3 3 3 8 like the 1gb chip is and want to run all 3 on 400 Mhz. But by default the bios change now to 333 MHZ and when i force it to 400 some Games like Half Life 2 crashing with memory read error message.


Any other thing is not overclocked and i already have increased the Voltage to 2.75 for the Dimms.


Its no Dual Ram Board and i thought it runs with 400mhz memory not only on 333.


With 333 what the bios is setting by default there no crashes but i dont want to lose 800 MB/s reading bandwith of my memory.


Is it possible to run all 3 on 400 Mhz or is it normal that it only runs on 333 with all 3 dimms?


I hope you understand me my english is bad... :roll:

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Which Athlon XP 3000+ do you have? (You see, it comes with either a 333FSB or a 400FSB.)


In addition, with three double-sided modules on a KT600-based motherboard, your memory cannot be run any faster than DDR333 due to the limitations of the chipset.


And even if you use only one or two modules, if you have a 333FSB version of the 3000+, you shouldn't run your memory any faster than DDR333 anyway without degrading your system's stability.

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Ok thank you for the reply.

I have the 400mhz version of the athlon 3000 and had running the 2 512s rams stable with 400 mhz before.


So its the chipset and i have to run it at 333 now. Never heard before about that i thought the ram was faulty.


Its a bit bad that i loss now 800 mb/s reading bandwith but if theres no other way because the chipset limitations its ok for now.

Maybe i can sell the 2 512s rams and buy another 1 gig....



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