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"Bad" Memory Stick

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Hello everyone. I was recently notified by a computer technician that one of my two memory sticks is "bad." He told me that the part had a lifetime warranty and that I need to contact Corsair about getting a new one. This is the first step that I think I'm supposed to take towards doing that. So here is what he told me. I suppose I should mention that this is a legit computer tech from an actual computer repair place, not just somebody who thinks that they are a "computer expert."


So I've had the computer for about four years. I purchased it from Cyberpower Inc., who built it for me. It's a custom clone, and has been great. Anyway, about a month ago the motherboard "fried." I'm not quite sure what that means but the repair place said that I needed a new one. After the new board was installed, the tech noticed that there were additional problems caused by one stick of memory. He told me that the computer would not go into POST when this certain stick was in the system, and caused the same problem on other computers that it was tested on. The stick is a CMX512-2700C2. I don't know if this second is important or not so I'll just post it: XMS2700v1.3 023634.


Ok, now I think I'm supposed to do a RMA form. Thanks!

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