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intel's D975XBX Video Card Compatibility


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Hi there. Im new to your forums and i have gone completely frustrated trying to figure out if this graphic card is compatible with my motherboard!!!


Since i am a GeForce fan and really dont want to switch it over to Radeon.... i've gone stuck finding out about compatibilty!!!


here is my mother board


Intel BOXD975XBXLKR 975X P4/P4EE/Pentium D/Pentium XE 1066FSB LGA775 DDR2 ATX Motherbaord w/Audio, Gigabit LAN, RAID/Serial ATA




here is my video card


Asus EN7600GS Silent/HTD GeForce 7600 GS PCI Express 512MB DDR2 Video Card w/TV-Out & DVI





are they compatible since my card says it is using DDR2 technology for its memory!!! but theonly thing i can say is that its apci express card and my board supports that ! but iono bout the rest... some technical words please!


the place where im buying these from will not give me any hint .... they told me to research it on google and hardware forums.. but since this motherboard is a new model (pretty much) there are not so many articles about it overall!

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Since the i975X chipset does not support NVIDIA's SLI technology, you will be limited to using a single NVIDIA card on that Intel motherboard.


On the other hand, the i975X chipset supports ATi's CrossFire technology, so you could use two compatible ATi-based cards on your motherboard and have them both cooperate with one another.

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