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Its annoying dude, I have basically everything (exept for the video card (gforce 5900 FX and Sound Blaster Audigy) new ,New mobo MSI 865PE NEo2-V MX-6788, Corsair XMS dual channel 3200C2 1GB running at 234Mhz, CAS 3-4-4-8 Volts at 2.9, tested with memtest86 for more than 10 hours more than 30 passes not a single error , the CPU is a P4 NORTHWOOD 2.6ghz running at 3042 Mhz(temp is around 51) PSU is an ENERMAX 550 watts

The problem im having is that basically when im using the pc it shuts down (Crash) and reboot itself it does a quick black then blue screen and then reboot, been having this problem for a while now , changed the CAS ,decrease the OC and still crashing even at stock speed still doing it ,i had a cheap PSU B4 and just bought this Enermax 550 and to be honest it crash less now .,,,,but still doing it , Im using windows XP PRO,

Need help guys please , was thinkin on swaping the Video card or the audio card just to try ?

The crash mostly happens when music is playing or hard use of pc, the drivers for the audio card are the latest one from Creative

HElp please Any idea?

if u guys need more info just ask me

sorry for posting this here also, i just trying to find some help

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Is Event Viewer able to log any error messages (Control Panel- Administrative Tools- Event Viewer) under either application or system? It's also possible your chipset drivers have become corrupted.

Thanks for ur reply , I do have a bounch of errors in there , i think i found the one is making my PC crashing ,I clicked on the error and some how windows update had a "fixing "problem for this , soo i downloaded it ,,,let see if it work , Its a driver issue compatibility with SP2 crap

here is the pic of the error


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Hopefully it will. Another possibility I forgot to mention is which pci slot you have the SoundBlaster in. For some reason (irq conflict maybe?) most SoundBlasters on most boards don't run right when placed in the first pci slot; they'll either not run at all or pop up error messages when in Windows or crash the system. You can either manually reconfigure the assignments for the first slot or just move the card to another pci slot to make the problem go away usually.
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