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Suspected Bad RAM - RMA Requested


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I have been using my machine for approxametly 11 months with no BIOS adjustments or system changes outside standard patches. It has ran flawlessly up until some time ago where the machine began to lock up and then upon rebooting it it would often fail to even have anything show up on the screen. Upon testing virtually every single componet including attempting to boot the box with only 1 processor - I tried booting it with only one RAM module. This worked just fine. I swapped in the module that was pulled out and the machine once again failed to boot and/or locked up immediately. Once the machine had only 1 module (the identified good one) in the RAM banks everything worked like a million bucks and has for some months now. I am requesting an RMA for my RAM stick.


It is a Corsair DDR2-400 part number CM73DD1024R-400M


Please advise.. Thanks



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