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CM72SD1024RLP-3200 on Tyan Thunder K8W


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I am running 6 x Samsung 512MB ECC Reg. DDR400 on my Tyan Thunder K8W for 3GB. BIOS is 2.06. Workstation runs fine with them. Talked with Tyan about upgrading. My current CMOS settings are fine. Everything is auto and default. are my specs other than the new Adaptec 39320A-R than replaced the 39320.


I want to upgrade to 6GB for XP x64 AMD64 and Adobe Photohsop CS2. I purchased 6 x CM72SD1024RLP-3200. 4 on CPU0 and 2 on CPU1. Just like my Samsung configuration.


The RAM has problems posting properly in any configuration from 1 to 6 sticks. I cleared the CMOS and reset everything back to proper defaults. Still had issues with Corsair RAM. I reinstalled the Samsung and it worked fine. Talked to Tech manager at Tyan. He said the BIOS is not the issue. I have been dealing with him for over 10 years as a tech and manager. I installed over 1000 Tyan boards and own 6 of them.


I will be testing one at a time. They don't want to POST properly. The RAM count starts at either 256 or 248 and goes beyond the amount. Since it works fine with Samsung, it can't be the board.


I have a PC Power and Cooling 510W power supply, 20A independent circuit, and Tripp Lite 2400W line conditioner. Everything runs fine in all three OS with Samsung installed. I did a full tape backup last night with no issues with Samsung RAM.


What BIOS did you test them on. What configuration?

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Tyan has tested this module and in fact its listed on the supported memory page, but I seem to remember that if you install more than 4 double sided modules with this MB you may have to set the memory frequency at DDR333. But I would check with Tyan to be sure.

Also please check the modules and make sure they are all exactly the same part # and version.

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I will verify it again tonight. According to ZipZoomFly and the label on the plastic sleeve, they were the same. I could not get two of them to work correctly on CPU0. Could it be a SPD compatibility issue. Should I try hard setting timing to 3-3-3-8 @ 2T at DDR400 on just one pair than two pairs?
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Made some changes. Memory hole still does not work. Memory Hole enabled has memory count of 6576 instead of 6144. Set RAM to 3-3-3-8. Any other changes needed?


Currently set to:

CAS Latency (tcl): 3

RAS/CAS Delay (trcd): 8 CLK

Min Active RAS (tras): 3 CLK

Row Precharge Time (trp): 3 CLK

RAS/RAS Delay (trrd): 2 CLK

Row Cycle (trc): 8 CLK

Row Refresh Cycle (trfc): 10 CLK

Read Write Delay (trwt): 3 CLK

Read Preamble: 9.5 ns

Async. Latency: 11 ns

CMD-ADDR Timing: 2T


These settings allowed DDR400 setting.

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  • Corsair Employees

Also you should really be using a 600 Watt PSU with this configuration.

it's about 13 watts per module with this part! so you have about 80 Watts just for memory. And as a test I would test the system with http://www.memtest.org two modules at a time to make sure one is not failing.

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I am running a PC Power and Cooling 510W.


Output: +5V @ 40A

+12V @ 34A/38A

-5V @ 0.3A

-12V @ 2A

+3.3V @ 30A

+5VSB @ 3A

continuous = 510W

peak = 650W


Regulation: 1% (+3.3, +5, +12)

5% (-5, -12)

Ripple: 0.5% (p-p)

Hold Time: 20ms

PG Delay: 300ms


They had me add the Turbo-cool 2x unit to get +12V@38A. RAM tested fine with Memtest+ with all 6 GB in place. The workstation does not have any power issues. I am considering upgrading to a PC Power and Cooling 850W. The workstation has its own 20A circuit and a Tripp Lite 2400W line conditioner to clean inbound power.


Current Voltages

CPU1 core volt: 1.376V

CPU2 Core volt: 1.344V

System Volt 3.3V: 3.312V

System Volt 5V: 5.07V

System Volt 12V: 12.159V

CPU1 DDR VTT: 1.264V

CPU1 DDR 2.5V: 2.56V

CPU2 DDR VTT: 1.264V

CPU2 DDR 2.5V: 2.522V

3.3V Standby: 3.3V

Battery Volt: 3.312V


RAM is working with memory hole disabled.


RAM is now showing 2.5-3-3-7 (Default) @ 333

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