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Kt6v-lsr & Twinx1024-3200c2pt


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Hello all, first I have to say, Corsair is great ram !

I am so happy with my ram I just had to come here.

Also, I have a question about my ram timmings.

I run Win98se and have my ram at http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/6238/screenshot0168sy.gif



I have a XP3200@2200mhz.

I dont run the chip at any other speeds than default, ever.

I memtested the ram for 2 cycles on all tests and came out clean.

I also ran the memtest on SPD all night with no errors

I run my OS all the time and play games no problem.


I also have a system speed setting in the ram options FAST TURBO ULTRA

What do these do ?

If I set to anything other than fast, I get issues, but there is a somewhat speed increase, but I leave it at fast.


also I tried to give XP another go and it really didnt agree with my cas 2 it could'nt copy some files at setup so I put it to 2.5, the advertised setting with AMD, and it works fine.

Why does XP get so picky, and does 2 or 2.5 really make that much difference ?

what about fast R 2 R turnaround ?


I also plan on getting a dual channel MB in the future, hence the matched pair.


So ya, great ram guys, I've tried others and I will buy Corsair again.

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Windows 9x/ME will not support more than 512 Meg of memory, with out some tweaking to the registry or system.ini file.

And this MB is not dual channel and when you install more than one double sided module you may have to slow the memory down to make the system stable. I would try the settings with just one module installed and see if it’s stable.

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Hi there,

I run XP at and have no problems

I run 98SE at and have no problems

I do use a few tweaks on 98,ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 and MaxFileCache=524288


I guess there's alot of questions on here, I'll just keep doing what works.

Great ram


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