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512MB 133x SD Flash Memory not working


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I received the memory 16 Mar 2006. I was able to use the memory in my digital camera the next few days. I used a card reader to download the images to my computer. I then tried to use the camera a few weeks later, but was getting intermintant "corrupt image" error. After trying to removing and installing the memory a few times, all I get is a "memory card error" message and the screen on the camera is blank. I tried to use the card reader, but the computer does not recognize the memory card as a USB drive. I know the card reader works because the computer does recognize a 256MB SD memory card I am using as backup to the 512MB SD card. The camera works fine with the 256MB SD card.

Ram Guy, can I submit an RMA for the 512MB SD card. I'd like to get a replacement.

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