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Memory Ram usage in idle


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1) So I just threw in a new 1gig stick of ram beside my existing 512. As far as I know everything is working fine. System says 1.5gigs of ram and programs are running, though i admit i havnt seen a huge improvement(p4 2.8ghz).


I hit "control,alt,delete)" and pulled up the "performance" tab and looked at the "physical memory". Its is showing a total of 1572332(1.5gigs) and 1093227(1 gig) availabe. THat means in idle Ive got 512megs of ram in use. This is the total of my old stick(512) of ram!. I have run spyware/adaware etc. Under "process" in task manager there are a number non-major programs running(virus checker etc, no kazza) but they total about 100megs only. Where is 30%of my ram going ??


2) Is there a way to test if my new 1.5 sticks are working perfectly?

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The cliff notes version. With the original 512meg stick in, the operating system decides how much of the physical ram space it can occupy with itself and programs that will run at start up and still leave about a third of the space open for loading programs you start after booting up. When the actual ram space required exceeds the amount of physical ram on the system, the operating system moves parts of programs and running processes into virtual space on the hard drive to maintain free physical ram space for you to quickly open other programs once booted up. After adding ram the operating system detects the added space and will immediately realocate more space for it self and the initial starting programs, moving the pieces out of virtual memory on the hard drive and into the additional ram space. From the numbers you've posted, it looks like your system benefited from the upgrade in that now all of the pieces that were being stored and swapped out back and forth from the hard drive are now virtually entirely in ram (the commit charge) and you've got a gig of free space for everything else. I think I can hear your hard drive(s) lauding your wisdom and accolades pouring in from your optical drives/burning software and various other programs as well. If you want to test your ram, here's the Ram Guy link for the free memory testing utility Memtest86+:




The links to the programs are underlined in his post. Good luck.

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