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asus a8nsli premium and my old xms 3200xlpro


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So I read over the ram compatibility list for the a8n premium but didnt see my modules. (CMX512 3200XLPRO v 1.1 0449119.-1 to be specific)

I am hoping that because they are old dimms, they just werent added to the list due to being somewhat antiquated.


I have had a nightmare experience with this first a8n-sli deluxe (first revisions of a new technology is a hard lesson learned.) Ive never gotten my memory to overclock much less perform at the timings in a stable environment with my deluxe. Eventually lack of money and shipping costs for RMA disillusioned my first time oc'ing experience and I settled into running just below stock speeds to keep things in check.


Still, I dont bad mouth Asus for my SLI wide eyed impulsiveness, and I think the premium board - now that its been in existence for some time - seems pretty rock solid. Since im going to have to replace this board for the 3rd time (once and for all)... along with repacing a 3rd RMA video card... I really REALLY dont want to have to buy new memory.


Please tell me, lie if you must, that my memory is compatible. Ok dont lie to me, but I call upon the almighty karma god who hates me so much to let you speak agreeable words in response. otherwise i will cry, and nobody likes a crybaby... ok maybe ill just get a different motherboard instead but still...

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