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RAM Issues - D915PBL - Can't Restart

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So I had a TWIN2X1024A-4300C3PR (2x512) installed in my system, and realized I needed more, so I went to Newegg and bought more. I must have been really tired when I sent in the order, because I thought I ordered 2x256, instead of the 1x512 I actually ordered. Since it was the exact same stuff that I have now, I ordered another of em' before installing it, CM2X512A-4300C3PRO so I would have 4 identical DIMM's for a 2GB total.


At first, the computer wouldn't get past the BIOS with the full 2GB's in, then, after playing with the RAM a bit, and which one went where, I got it to do that. I did MemTest to check and it passed with all 4 DIMM's in.


Now, here's my problem. When I restart my system, I just get a black screen with 3 solid LED's on on each DIMM. I have to shut it down completely, then start it back up again to "restart" it.


I took out the newest DIMM which is the one I suspect is the dud. At first, taking that one out allowed me to boot up when I couldn't before, and now, it allows me to restart.


I have an Intel D915PBL mobo with default settings across the board. Any ideas?



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It was a bad DIMM, after doing some testing with the help of Geek Squad, we figured that out. Now the computer runs fine with 2GB of RAM in it, but I still can not restart. I have to shut it down completely and then start it back up.
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