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Coolant MSDS requested


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Technically, only a registered company and/or official reseller can request an MSDS, but simply put, Corsiar lists what's in their coolant on the bottle:


Propylene Glycol



'Proprietary Additives'


Most commonly, these equate to some mixture of dyes, anti-microbials, and/or additional anti-corrosives.


Bottom line: Don't drink it, but it's not very hazardous to you.


Simply put: Wash with soap and water upon exposure.





p.s. OSHA and other comparable workplace saftey monitoring organizations (including the United States government) don't cover nor allow the individual end-user to request an MSDS as this may lead to private informmation leakage, etc. Since you don't deal with a large quantity of the chemical and are fairly limited in what you can purhcase, you're protected already. It sucks sometimes, but the individual end-user has NO official right to an MSDS and most companies don't like giving out their secret recipie's either.

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The Corsair HydroCOOL, the COOL and the Nautilus 500 use the same coolant.


The MSDS information has been posted in the forums a few times. :sunglasse


The current MSDS infomation can be found at the manufacture's web site here:




Just click on the MSDS link there for the PDF file. :D:


PG coolant, in small concentrations, is used as an approved FDA food sweetener. It can be found in fruit rool-ups, gummy bears, sodas, drink mixes, salad dressings and the like. It's also a common ingredient in cough syrups and night time cold medicines.


Hope this helps!



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