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Problems accessing 2GB 133x SD Card


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I just got a 2GB 133x SD card. It seems to work fine when I insert it into a generic style SD card reader. However, it does not seem to work at all in a Lexmark P707 Printer which has a SD Card slot (that I can view as a separate drive on my computer). When inserted it says the drive is not formatted and asks if I want to format it. When I click yes, it shows a size of 3.72GB and then starts the format, but fails and says it was unable to complete the format. However, a bunch of other SD cards all work fine when plugged into this printer slot.


But thankfully, the card seems to format and work fine in a DV6 Mini Camcorder. But, when I try inserting the card into my Palm Tungsten W it immediately produces a Fatal Exception Error every time. Do you think these devices don't have the proper drivers to handle a 2GB card or may it be a problem with the card?


I also downloaded your EzRecover software and installed it. When I run it it just says "please attach a device" and doesn't seem to recognize the drive even though I can see it in explorer when using the generic style SD card reader. How is this program suppose to work or isn't it for SD cards? Thanks.

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