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all better...rock on (story)


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Just a comment on how rockin corsair is and my experience.


Previously posted that I had (2x)CMX512-3200C2PT v5.1 for little over a year. Then I upgraded to a Athlon 64 4200 x2. So i thought "Hey I should get another gig of ram". Went on newegg and went to my account options to see my previous order to get the same RAM. Ordered it. Popped it in when I recieved it and was greeted with the fun fun errors of crashes. Thought WTF bad ram? So i went through the usual steps of testing all of my ram individually. Everything was kosher so I thought WTF. Left the new RAM in and put the old ram back into the old package and went online to do some research.

First thing i did was go to the abit site and look up compatibility and went on their forms. Found out my some av8's have problems with slot 3-4. OMG i need a new mobo? NOOOO! My gfx card is agp and if i upgrade i gotta go pci-e. So this entails and new vid card as well. Screw this.

Then out of curiosity i checked up on the corsair site and ended up here. Saw the revision problems and other problems people where having. Thought to myself "phew i hope this is it". Looked at the stickers and saw the new RAM was v5.2.

So i sent in a RMA explaining my dilema with the revisions and got a quick reply with a number and addy to send it to. Popped it in the mail the next day for 3 day shipping (it was a thursday) with tracking. I forgot USPS delivers on saturday and saw they tried with no response. Damn must be closed on saturday. Saw it was recieved that monday. W00T! New RAM soon. Remebered the 72hr proccess time and they reship it 3 day. (but UPS boooooo!) So i recieved it on monday(coulda got it saturday with USPS) and popped it in. Runs excellent now with zero problems and im am extremely satisfied.


Just sharing my experience and saying you rock corsair!

This is what keeps customers comming. (at least me :biggrin: )

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