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Corsair 2GB SD Card


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I have just purchased a 2GB Corsair SD card but when I plugged it into my card reader it was showing as 34K in size, disk manager in XP showed the device as having 1800MB unallocated space but would not allow me to allocate it. Properties of the device however said total capacity is 954Mb. I formatted the card using Windows but this alwats resulted in the drive being 34K total size. I managed to format the drive using an HP utility and now have 954MB usable space, is there anything I can do or is the card DOA?


I used some DOS utilities to get the following information :-


First Physical sector: 63 (cyl 0, Hd 1, Sect 1)


Last Physical sector: 1,954,952 (Cyl 1,000, Hd 30, Sect 63)


Total physical sectors: 1,954,890 (954.5MB)


Physical Geometry: 1,001 Cycls, 31 Hds, 63 Sects

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