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My install/impression of the Nautilus 500 so far


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That was a nice home-made reivew you had done. I enjoyed it.


You'll still need at least one fan in your computer case to lower the internal case temps. Usually, the lower front of the case needs a fan drawing air inward. This will help keep your memory, MOBO, HDDs, chipset and GPU cool rather than having the temps rise inside. :idea:


You did a great job of lapping the cold-block. What a nice clean finish indeed!


For the price and performance, the Nautilus 500 seems to be doing you really well.



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Thanks Stev


Your right about getting the case temp's down. Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to do that plus see if 2880 Hz is prime stable then post up the load temp's.


TBH, I did not lap the block. All I did was clean it up from glue that stuck to it from the protective paper.


Yes, so far I'm very happy with the unit. I would have liked to see what my old 3500 New Castle core would have done but I'll save that for another day this winter maybe.


My goal is to see if I can push the 4000 SD core to 3 GHz. :D:

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