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8000UL SPD settings different than advertised

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I got my hands on some 8000UL (2 sets from fry's electronics in store)....a couple of the stores still have some in thier local inventory....not tied to online store.


So i put them in my abit aw8-max mb. just wondering why the SPD detect settings come back as 5-5-5-15. I can go manual and select the product stated 5-4-4-9 and there doesn't seem to be a problem.


Wondering why the SPD detect isn't accurate?




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The SPD detection may very well be accurate in that many modules have their SPD chips programmed to less aggressive latencies to maximize compatibility.


What I mean is that if somebody forgets to set their voltage correctly or their system isn't quite up to the overclock, then these will still run while giving them a chance to get into the BIOS and manually set things.


It's sort of a saftey thing, but the modules are all tested at their rated latencies/timings. Depending on the module or even revision, the SPD settings vary (must be beaurocratic, no?).




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