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Best RAM For ASUS P5WD2-E Premium


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Hi Guys,


I've finally made the jump to this gen and got myself a P5WD2-E Premium to replace my rock solid and reliable P4C800-E Deluxe. I've always used Corsair in all my systems/servers, but that was TwinX 3200LL for my gaming machine, and TwinX 3200C2 for all game servers, never had a problem!


Now, I get my machine a week ago and it runs like a dog!

Asus P5WD2-E Premium

Intel 940D



Take it back and got them to diagnose it, they ran memtest, failure's galore, they replaced it with 2GB of kingston (2 x 1GB - KVR533D2N4K2/2G) ran for 48 hours no errors! They're going to replace the ram, now I don't know it it was just a bad batch or what! But this has made me do some investigating, which I normally don't have to do, Asus Board + Corsair Ram = Solid, that's the equation I've always used when building systems :)


So, my investigations lead me to read the QVL in regards to RAM and this motherboard, no CORSAIR 6400 show's up on the QVL list, but then again MICRON modules do, which is what CORSAIR use correct?


I'm going to get 2GB to replace the 1GB that was faulty, I was going to upgrade later on, but apparently it's better to get 2x1GB instead of 4x512MB, better for mem controller etc, so may aswell get TWIN2X2048-6400, but alas! When I used the corsair memory compatibility test, it didn't suggest this for my mobo? So like, suggestions? I want 2GB of 6400, the mobo has native support, so might as well use it, and want to stick with corsair, but the compatibility test says it's no good?

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Corsair uses ICs from various manufacturers, and ASUS' QVL lists are horrible.


Use this:




Ok, I didn't want to start a case, I'm just trying to find out what corsair ram will run at PC6400 speeds in my mobo, it says it has native support for 800mhz ram, which ram in corsair's range (TwinX 2x1GB) will work best, if at all.

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Funnily enough, that's what I meant when I said I used the Corsair compatibility test to find what ram was best for my board. It suggests the TWIN2X1024A-6400 which is what I originally purchase and have returned due to memtest errors and system instability. So from what I can tell Corsair doesn't suggest you use TWIN2X2048-6400 with this motherboard, which perplexes me a little because these results were also linked to the page that didn't suggest TWIN2X2048-6400's use with the ASUS P5WD2-E Premium? How can you suggest not to use a model of ram, but have test results on the same page. I wanna stick with Corsair but I have had no problems with the K1NGSTON the pc store has lent me, it's very stable.

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