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help with 2 TwinX 1024(2x512)-3200C2


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ive had one set of TwinX 1024 (2x512)-3200C2 for about a year now and i bought an additional set today.


My problem is that my computer says i only have 1024 ram when both are installed. My motherboard is an ABIT AV8 that supports dual-channel.


Ive noticed that the 2 sets of ram aren't exactly the same because of a different revision number


This is the old ram notice the timings



and now this is the new ram... the timings are odd



and here is the computer seeing only 1024 ram



So now I come to you guys, am i screwed and lost 150$ or is there some way to fix it?


I guess I should of done more research before buying... it never crossed my mind that there would be a difference in the same product.


Anyways I thank you for any help you can bring.



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same mobo. but mine recognized them both (2gig) and just crashed when loading windows dispite any settings tweaks. I had versions 5.1 and 5.2.


Submit an RMA with the versions. I did a week ago and got a reply and sent my old ones out. hopefully they will send back the right versions. If not both pairs are going on ebay and I'll get 2-1gig sticks.

But they did respond with a RMA number and addy to send them to so i'm thinking they are going to do a switcharoo for me. *crosses fingers*


If they sent them out like they said in the RMA i should gettem by monday. (they recieved them on monday and said it takes 24-48 hrs to re-ship. I am in wisconsin and they are in cali so it usually a 4 day ship time for normal shipping.)

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