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Possible VS1GB400C3 issue

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Hi, I am experiencing random data loss/corruption leading to OS failure. My 2 VS1GB400C3 memory DIMMs are running at default settings and are placed in the recommended configuration on my Asus A8N5X Motherboard.


Initial Memtest runs show a number of memory failures. To ensure that the memory is an issue I ran each of the DIMMs solo (placed in the proper 1 DIMM config for my MB.) One DIMM passed all the tests the other returned a vast number of errors. Another test with two VS512MB400s passed Memtest with no problems. Is there something I am missing in my setup/analysis or do I have a faulty VS1GB400C3 memory stick?


System Specs:

Enermax Liberty 500W Power-Supply

Asus A8N5X with Athlon 3800+ X2

2 ATA hard disks

Radeon 1800 XT

2x VS1GB400C3 Ram – Purchased from Newegg


Thanks for your help.

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