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Flash Voyager Connector


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i've been using my flash voyager 512mb for a few months, and i realized that the connector is starting to wobble. It seems like the memory chip and circuit is directly implanted inside the rubber and the glue/epoxy holding the connector with the rubber worns off.


last time when my old pen drive happens to me, my pen drive starting to run at usb 1.1 speed and it died in a matter of days.


i wonder if it is okay if i try to somehow stick the connector back or izzit okay just to leave it there.

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i would appreciate you guys willing to rma for me,

but the thing is i'm from malaysia and paying shipping to usa is not kinda worth it and i doubt the shop is willing to rma for me :) i'll just use it until it dies, who cares i got 10 years :o: thanks anyway

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