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Matched pair - one works, other doesn't ?

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I've recently bought a matched pair of 1Gb Corsair XMS3200 CL2 Platinum (2x1Gb) memory. On putting both into the machine and turning on, I get fans turning but nothing more ...


On taking one out : Machine boots to Bios (not tried further yet)

On moving the working one to the slot where the bad one was : Machine boots to Bios

On putting the bad one back in again : Fans turning only

On putting the bad one in other memory slots : Fans turning only


One of the first things I tried (before taking memory out) was to reset the Bios, so I'm fairly confident that it isn't a rogue over aggressive Bios setting.


Think one half of my matched pair is rogue :sigh!: . Have I got a warranty case ? If so, should I use the Corsair RMA forms ? I'd like to use my shiny new machine :laughing: so I'm not too keen on sending the working module back, hence why I don't really want to contact the retailer. Is it possible to just send the failed module ?


(This looks like the exact same problem as Blacklabelz! A scary period of a monitor with the standby light flashing, fans whirring but nothing more)


Thanks for any help :):

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<big grin> It's a Seasonic 350 ... They reckon it'll outpower an Antec 550W due to sheer efficiency and I'm inclined to believe them :biggrin: . I've had one going in my old machine (XP2400+, Radeon 9700Pro, 2hds, 2dvds) and it cured stability problems I had with a 550W supply.


That old machine will be my test bed for the suspect module, I will see what it does in there before going through the RMA procedure.


Cheers for the reply ! :sunglasse


(extra) If that psu doesn't turn out to be beefy enough, I can see my shiny new Arctic Cooling box being consigned to carry my old bits, while the less shiny old one gets the new bits and the bigger psu ;-).

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