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512MB 133x SD with Polaroid PDC 5080


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Hi Ram Guy,


I purchased the 512MB 133x SD card for my daughters Polaroid 5080 5.1MP digital camera. Things are not working properly


1) Whenever I format the card, it seems to "disappear" as the picture counter says only 9 pictures available, as if working with the internal memory


2) The card gets recognized when I power the camera off and on (430 pictures available). I am able to take pictures and video, but when I go to playback mode:

- the display may freeze

- clicking next/prev picture has no effect


3) On PC, thumbnail pictures sometimes look ok, but when viewed fullsize they are corrupted. I get errors when I try to format from the PC over the USB cable.


The internal memory works fine. I do not have another camera or device to test the card on, or any other SD card to test in the camera.


Please advise.



Polaroid Guy

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