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Corsair 1G Flash Drive Issues


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Everyrhing was working fine until today.Never had a problem before and i have been using the drive like a month not intensivly but frequently.I have absolutely made no changes to my system before the problem appeared.i have no steady isolated issues but more than one of a nature of them.I took very good care of the drive so far and its almost new..


1.I lose momentariuly the data on the drive.I replug it and the data reappears.However problems continue since its repeating the same thing and i also received errors opening word files on another computer.


2.I have had some files transfered and after a while i cant access the drive.The windows system is specifying that the drive needs formatting and even though i format and replace the files again...same story happens after a while.


3.I receive a write protecting error after some files transfered whenever....i cannot really say its a prob apearing after a certain volume transferred because it also happened with one file and with 150MB of data as well.However write protection or any other security option were never used by me.I try to format the drive again ...and so on...


Please Help me i got no time for this...i bought it trusting good cust reviews and your company and its essential for my work...Whether we replace it or not i need a sollution...

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Hi there,


I have the same problem, but I`m from germany, should I send the stick back to amazon.de ? Or is it faster if I send it directly to CORSAIR Germany ?


Oh by the way, If I want to foprmat it, it shows that only 496 MB could be formatted, but it`s an 1 GB stick. But if I press FORMAT the message " Device is write protected " comes up.





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