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XPS Gen 2 Upgrade


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I'm trying to find the best match for an upgrade of my Dell XPS Gen 2 P4 3.0 Ghz computer which has an Intel I875p chipset. I'm currently running 2 512 MB modules of PC3200 at 400 MHz that came with the system & want to upgrade to 2 GB total. Dell tech support insists that adding 2 more 512 MB sticks will not underclock the ram. This apparently is true as long as the added ram will run at 2.6v & has a CL of 3. It appears that the cheapest & possibly best way to upgrade would be to use the Corsair System Select 512 modules but in the tech specs on a vendor's site I saw that the XMS Twinx2048 1 GB modules operate at CL 3 & 2.6v but aren't listed for my system on the Corsair configurator. Any assistance regarding a specific recommendation for the best upgrade for this system would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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