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TwinX 1GB (3200) bad module?

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I think I have a bad module... I was working on my PC and all of a sudden it bluescreened. When I tried to reboot my computer I got the error message that ntoskrnl was missing or corrupt. After unsuccessfully trying to boot with my Windows XP CD I decided to change my SATA-cable (I once read about this on a forum). Of course this wans't of much help. So I ended up running memtest-x86+(v1.65) which claims to be 64-bit compatible. This was giving me plenty of errors... I decided to reset my bios to "safe" settings, but no good...

Then, I tried each module separately in each slot and one of both ran just fine, while the other gave errors in memtext-x86+. So left the errorneous module out, and my system just booted fine...



Shuttle ST20G5 (ATI RS 486 chipset)

AMD X2 4400+

Ati x1800xl

Corsair TwinX 1GByte pc3200 (currently only 1 module installed)

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