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Bad 5400ul module... should I ask for rma?


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Hello to everyone!


(This is my first post here... Please if I do\write anything wrong, don't kick me... :p: )


I'm having problems with a 5400ul module, those old ones with 3-2-2-8 timings. I have a pair of them, but:


With two (dualchannel) installed: the pc doesn't boot

With one (i think the bad one) installed: the pc doesn't boot

with one (the good one) installed: the pc goes well (about 20 minutes of memtest and 0 errors, at 2.10 vdim, 667Mhz and 3-2-2-8 timings)


I tried both to install the bad module with default settings and 2.10 vdim... but nothing changes... :(:


Just another one question: I'm an Italian guy (sorry for my English... :roll: ). Can I do the RMA, right? No problems with shipping or things like that?


Please, let me know!:D:


Thanks to all of you!



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I compiled the rma module the day of my previous post, but I still don't have an answer...:(:

It's just a common delay or a problem with my request?:confused:


Thanks for the info!:o:

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