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Will these work in my system?


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Please see my information for the RAM I currently have installed.


I just acquired two sticks of Corsair CMX512-3200XLPT 400 mhz,


Can I add these two my existing set up?

I would then have 2 gig on my motherboard. I do video editing on this computer and the more ram the better.


Will they work with my existing set up?


What is best?


Should I take out my existing and put in these sticks?





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This is the informatin printed on the RAM







Is that your existing RAM? Or is that your new memory?


We really need to know the codes and revision numbers on both your existing modules and your new ones.


If your existing modules really are the 3200XL's, then you probably would get all four sticks to work together - but I cannot guarantee that they will work together. And if they do work together, remember that you will need a 2T command rate setting (not applicable for Intel platforms) and a higher voltage setting (2.80 or 2.85 Volts, instead of the 2.75 Volts needed for just two sticks).


However, in your particular case, you will be limited by the Intel i865PE chipset's memory controller: With four double-sided DIMM's, such as those 512MB 3200XL's, you can only run your memory at 166MHz (DDR333/PC2700) instead of 200MHz (DDR400/PC3200).

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