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CMSS1GBR72-400 with HP Proliant ML110 G2


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The memory module was installed in a HP Proliant ML110 G2 server as a

compatible module on the Corsair Memory Configurator.



When the module was installed in the server, the server would not POST. The server would spin up the fans, but no video, no self test etc. A HP engineer was on-site at the time and inspected the server. We removed the corsair memory and replaced it with HP memory of the same capacity. The server worked fine. Placing the corsair memory back in the server and same fault returned. Server BIOS version and settings were all checked and confirmed correct.


Because I didn't have any other Corsair memory of the same type to test with, we assumed it was a faulty module, and had it replaced.


The replacement provided the same symptome. I'm now 100% sure that the memory is not compatible with the HP Proliant ML110G2 server. The ML110G2 does use slightly different memory than the other Proliants,

so I'm guessing that Corsair didn't test, just assumed it would cover

all Proliants.


Does this sound reasonable?

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The module selection is based on the chipset used in said system, there would be no way to test every system listed. Did you try the system with just our modules installed? And the memory that came with your system, is it registered ECC memory as well?
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Im a hp hardware engineer, I have seen this time and time again, non HP memory is not supported in proliant servers for a reason, suggest if u really must have none hp memory, try samsung as I know hp use this as their official memory so should be the same. Otherwise strongly suggest buying hp memory, I know it costs more but also remember that if the non hp memory is found to be the problem of a hp call out then it will be chargable, also worth noting, if you are not a certified engineer then opening the box will invalidate the warrenty. Not trying to put u off just trying to warn u.

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