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Help With Dell Demension 8100


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I tried to install a corsair memory stick in a dell demension 8100 and the computer went to beeping when I tried to start it.

Now I can do nothing with the computer. Motherboard light is on; I removed the memory card I had installed;I looked through this forom and saw someone had recommended that the PCI card be removed. I did that also; computer is still not doing anything.


This is the card I used; Corsair 128MB PC800 800MHz RDRAM Memory




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i took the Corsair out of the computer and put the Dell memory back in and the computer is still dead.


I went to the Dell site and looked around and it may be the BIOS is now bad because of the memory change and change back. I cannot get the BIOS to even come up to reset it.


I am DEAD in The water at this point. Any HELP would be appreciated.

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